Student Accommodation

Student Accommodation

Complete monitoring and control over utilities

Students are often very concerned about saving money; thus, any form of Student accommodation needs to be as cost-effective as possible. Some student accommodation includes electricity in the rent - making it very important for the landlord to keep energy costs down with effective solutions. If electricity is not included in rent, prepaid electricity can often be an effective solution for students wanting to avoid surprise utility charges at the end of the month.

WeBill provides solutions to easily manage the utility billing of student accommodation which will keep your tenants happy and save you time and money.

Our Consumer App puts control of your tenant’s utilities right into their hands, allowing them to perform their own meter reads and see exactly what they are paying for.
Our Tariff management system ensures that you will always be billing your tenants at the correct rate, overbilling and utility bill disputes are a thing of the past.
Our system supports all types of prepaid tariffs ensuring that you and your customers are getting the best rate on prepaid electricity.
Our smart meters allow you to monitor the readings and consumption of your devices all in one place.