Field Manager

Slide Through the power of mobility, big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing, as well as seamless integration into most industry standard utility management and legacy systems, Field Manager aims to revolutionise the way utility assets are managed and measured in the field. Bringing modern technology to traditional ways of managing utility assets

Web Based Admin Portal

Complete Control
Web based field management system with a field worker companion mobile application.

Changing the way utilities manage their field assets, field workers and contractors.

Team Management
Simple management tools to assign, monitor and assess meter readers and and teams, combined with efficient route planning and work allocation.
Quality Control
In addition to the automated quality control processes, Field Manager allows for easy, manual verification of advanced quality control issues.
Credit Control
Manage connections, disconnections, reconnections and issue final notices to defaulting customers in a few easy steps.
Detailed Statistics
Real-time visibility of all active meter reading teams, contracts and instructions with intuitive, interactive visualisations.
Downloadable Reporting
Easily export detailed reports of teams, contracts and instructions for archival and analysis purposes.

Field Agent Mobile App

The Field Worker companion mobile app enables businesses to effectively monitor, manage and assess meter readers and their teams in the field whilst helping you close the time gap between instruction fulfilment and payment.
List of Instructions
A simple view of all active instructions, along with their type, status deadline and location, to be completed by the meter reader.
Location Detail
Click on instructions to see all relevant information as well as an image of the property for easy identification.
Easy turn-by-turn guidance and route optimisation to every location, ensuring that your meter readers never get lost.
Capture Reads
Capturing and verification of meter and reads through the use of the device camera and advanced image recognition technology.
Exception Management
Log any exceptions, along with the relevant exception code and supporting evidence, in real-time.
Final Notice Delivery
Automatically assign notice instructions and allow for verification of completion through client signature authentication.

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