Managing Agents

Managing Agents

A comprehensive, consolidated and centralised solution

One of the main roles of a Managing Agent is to perform administrative duties such as levy invoicing and the payment of accounts. Because of this, accurate meter readings and the application of the correct rates and tariffs are essential for managing agents to perform their jobs.

WeBill provides many solutions to help manage agents with their utility billing needs.

WeBill’s comprehensive tariff database ensures that you are always using the correct tariff with up-to-date rates to bill your customers.
Collating and capturing meter reads, working out common area consumptions, assigning the correct tariffs to customers and calculating accurate bills are time-consuming, prone to data capturer errors and expensive. WeBill automates all of these tasks, accurately, efficiently and timeously.
With the increase in the cost of utilities, customers’ complaints about reading and billing inaccuracies will increase as well. WeBill’s detailed visual and data audit trail enables immediate detailed and visual responses to all billing and reading enquiries.
With WeBill, utility data is owned by the building owner, the body corporate or the homeowner association. The Managing Agent is given permission by the data owner to manage the owner’s utilities. The Managing Agent can therefore guarantee full data protection compliance to the data owner without sacrificing utility management efficiencies. Managing Agents can assure their clients that on termination of the management relationship, their clients will suffer no data breaches and retain ownership of their data.