Accommodation and Community Utilities

Accommodation and Community Utilities

Monitor usage accurately

WeBill makes such audits obsolete, providing you with real-time billing data so that you can easily manage all of your utilities.

Utilities are one of the largest expenses in the hospitality industry. Hotels and similar accommodations often have to conduct lengthy utility bill audits, in order to keep costs down and eliminate billing errors.

Smart meters provide real-time usage data that can be accessed from your device portal.
WeBill’s extensive library of tariffs, including both pre and post-paid Time of Use tariffs’ ensures that you will always be billed at the best possible rate.
Automated allocation and billing processes all but eliminate the potential for clerical errors during the billing process.
Robust and customisable quality control rules ensure that meter reading and maintenance tasks get performed correctly the first time.
In-depth usage and billing reports give you unprecedented insight into your organisation’s utility bills.