Meter Reading Companies

Meter Reading Companies

Bringing high-tech to manual activities

Meter reading companies receive meter reading instructions from a wide range of legacy and ERP systems. These instructions can total hundreds of thousands and come in varying data formats. Time consuming and error-prone resources are spent in data capturing. When the results are received from the field they are invariably and manually checked for quality control. These results need to be changed back into the legacy format.

Meter reading companies need to monitor their field Agents, measure their performance and efficiently manage their routes.

Calculating payments to field Agents and charges to utility providers is time-consuming and complex. Anticipating penalties for unfulfilled instruction is difficult and inaccurate.

WeBill supports incoming and outgoing data integration with most industry standard, legacy and ERP systems. Receiving instructions from legacy systems is automatic and instantaneous. Transmitting results from WeBill to third-party systems is instantaneous and seamless. The need for data capturers is all but eliminated.
Physical meter reads can span different geographical zones and different target densities. Efficient routing, allocation and consolidation of instructions, which are time sensitive, for high-rise buildings, single dwellings, multi-tenanted dwellings and remote areas is available. WeBill is learning from field worker actions and uses Machine Learning to continuously improve allocations and routings.
Successful field meter reading is all about accuracy, reliability and verifiability. WeBill offers a highly configurable host of quality control rules including sophisticated image recognition and Artificial Intelligence to guarantee reliable accurate meter reads.
Meter reading companies need to balance what they are paying their field Agents against what they are charging the utility for their services. In some circumstances, the meter reading company can be penalised. WeBill gives an accurate and up-to-date profit/loss picture for the meter reading companies.
Absent, sick or slow Agents can impede the meter reading company’s ability to fulfil its obligations and make a profit. WeBill is one of the few systems in the world that caters for dynamically and intelligently reassigning already dispatched but unfulfilled instructions to ensure maximum efficiency and profitability.