Property Developers

Property Developers

Smart utilities and carbon emission tracking

In order to manage the rising costs of electricity, water, gas and provide state-of-the-art technology at affordable prices, Property developers benefit from providing smart utility solutions in their residential and commercial property development plans.

WeBill’s IoT smart electricity and smart water meter transmitter are cheap, sophisticated and state-of-the-art fully compliant IoT devices. They are the ideal utility solution for property developers and fully support the growing demand for time-of-use prepaid solutions.

WeBill’s IoT smart meter is the only bidirectional device on the market that supports time-of-use prepaid net metering.
WeBill’s IoT electricity meter is easy, simple and cheap to install. WeBill’s smart water device can be connected to most industrial standard water meters and has a battery life span of 5 years – submitting hourly readings and real-time alerts for burst pipes, excessive usage and leaks.
With the WeBill Consumer Application which seamlessly integrates with the WeBill IoT devices, the Property Developer can offer his buyers the benefits of end-to-end utility management of their homes, offices or factories.