Body Corporate / Homeowners Associations

Body Corporate / Homeowners Associations

Equitable allocation keeps your members happy

Body Corporates often face problems with the allocation and collection of utility bills, to meet financial obligations and ensure that maintenance and repairs can be performed on time. A Body Corporate must have a robust and accurate billing system to manage its members' utility bills.

WeBill provides several solutions to improve your Body Corporate’s utility management.

Portfolio management software ensures the precise consumption by the member is allocated and charged to that member. Consumption and charge of commom areas are equitably allocated.
The real-time, prepaid, legally compliant wallet system guarantees that all members pay for their utility consumption. Memebers that do not pay on time are now no longer a burden to paying members.
Smart and transparent billing so that members can see exactly what they are paying for, reducing billing disputes.
Usage and consumption data lets you monitor your devices in real-time.
Transparent billing processes reduce billing disputes and help improve the cost recovery provess.