Municipalities / Utility Providers

Municipalities / Utility Providers

Increased revenue, faster cash flow and transparency

There is a massive billing crisis faced by metro municipalities. Hundreds of customer accounts get flagged for queries and for incorrect billing or the application of incorrect tariffs each day. Most municipalities do not have the manpower required to attend to these queries.

Municipalities have large contingents of internal field workers and also outsource field work such as scheduled meter reads, connections and disconnection, installations and audits to third-party contractors. These workers and contractors are notorious for being slow, inaccurate, unrelaible and in some cases even fraudulent.

A successful municipality is one that responds timeously, efficiently and accurately to customer queries and is one that constantly keeps its customers informed.

WeBill provides a number of software and hardware solutions that allow municipalities to easily deal with these issues:

With WeBill’s Field Manager, you can gain insight into your contractors’ and your own staff’s work in the field. Field instructions are dispatched automatically to authorise field Agents according to predetermined schedules. Instructions carried out in the field are immediately quality controlled and actioned. Field workers can work offline and integrate seamlessly when connectivity is restored.
The soon-to-be-released Fault Module receives and routes customer queries and complaints instantaneously. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence assist in providing to-the-point answers in real-time. A sophisticated ticket management system eliminates the need for a call centre.
The Consumer App provides the customer with simplified but comprehensive consumption and billing information. With LiveBill(R) the customer can interactively query his bills.
WeBill offers many real-time and historical reports, dashboards, charts, warnings and alerts related to customer consumption, charges and collection for both prepaid and postpaid scenarios. The Municipality is always aware of who is not paying and which geographically defined areas or customer segmentations are problematic.
Many municipalities are heavily invested in prepaid options. With the advent of time-of-use tariffs and net billing for feed-in, these prepaid options are redundant. WeBill has a patent pending solution for prepaid time-of-use billing and prepaid time-of-use net billing with banking.
Municipalities receive monies collected from prepaid sales weeks and sometimes months after the monies have been paid. Furthermore, municipalities are collecting postpaid bills a month and sometimes many months after the invoices have been generated. These municipalities have to pay their providers before they have received their monies resulting in severe cash flow problems. With WeBill municipalities can receive prepaid and postpaid monies almost immediately.