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Simplifying Utility Management

The WeBill integrated Utility Management Ecosystem software as a service (SaaS) offering, uses cutting-edge technology to simplify the complexities of all aspects of utility management in the most cost-effective way.

Revolutionise the way your utilities are measured and managed

Our integrated approach, combined with a high degree of internal expertise, allows you to benefit from our Utility Management Ecosystem which challenges the current frustrations and shortcomings in the management of water, electricity, gas and refuse utilities.


Accurate, verifiable meter readings from any type of meter.


The WeBill Tariff Module addresses tariff complexities and seamlessly applies the correct rate to the readings.


With the correct, on-time and accurate reading paired with the correct tariff, billing is simplified and accurate.

WeBill Triple 'R' System

The WeBill Integrated Utility Management Ecosystem provides an easy and accurate way to read, rate, and recover bills. Manage utility distribution with one solution for accurate, on-time billing results in fewer billing disputes, and faster revenue recovery.

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Our Products


The core and foundation of the ecosystem

Device Management

Manages and reports on all data related to the devices


Global tariff search and tariff customisation


Set-up, manage and report on utilities usage for property portfolios

IoT Smart Meter

Patented smart device to facilitate prepaid time of use

Consumer App

Pay for your utilities and manage your consumption

Field Manager

Schedule, manage, and monitor workers in the field


Prepaid, postpaid, net and wheeling (LiveBill™)

Faults Icon


Utility fault reports, help desk and ticket management

Budgets & Forecasting Icon

Budgets and Forecasting

AI and machine learning for budgeting and forecasting

Revenue Management Icon

Revenue Management

Consolidated billing, arrears adjustments, estimates, recoveries, and revenue balancing

Asset Management Icon

Asset Management

Manage your meters, SIM cards, seals, modems and data concentrators

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Revolutionise the way you are managing your utility distribution lifecycle.