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focused software for
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WeBill is pioneering a new and innovative way to revolutionise prepaid metering using cutting-edge technology specifically aimed at time-of-use tariffs in the domestic market!
RSA Patent Application No 2021/03485 for System, Method and Device for Time-Of-Use Metering

Software that covers the complete utility measurement
& management eco system.

Manual and automatic meter readings for most utility types. This includes water, electricity, gas and steam. Integration to most industry standard smart meters.
Support for most recognised tariff structures including time of use, seasonal, block, and sliding scale. Tariff planning, tariff comparison and global tariff searches.
Billing from both the utility and consumer perspectives. Utility account management with drill down billing and WeBill’s Unique LiveBill® platform.


Field Manager

WeBill Field Manager brings modern technology to traditional ways of managing utility assets. Say goodbye to lengthy meter reading cycles, and say hello to intelligent AI-driven team management, meter reading and near real-time quality assurance.
WeBill Field Manager eliminates the typical problems associated with manually read meters. It drastically reduces processing time, improves your organisation’s cash flow, ensures data integrity and eliminates conventional human errors.
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Consumer App

Own the management of your utility account by capturing and submitting your own meter reads. Improve services, report a fault in your community, or stay up-to-date with the latest load shedding schedules.
The consumer app is designed for residents of South Africa that wish to capture and submit their own readings, improve services, report a fault in their community, or stay up-to-date with the latest load shedding schedules. The consumer app will allow you to easily capture a reading, or report a fault or outage, and send that reading or report directly to the responsible municipality.
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