Partner with WeBill

Partner with WeBill

WeBill welcomes any business to partner with us following proper vetting procedures.

WeBill Partner Companies


Sxuza is a contracting firm specialising in General Contracting (Electrical Metering Services and Energy Saving Demand Management).

Tabuka Susa

The company specialises in turnkey solutions on network designs, network reticulations, project management.

Unique Smart Meters

Unique works together with leading local power industries across the world to develop tailor made solutions to the challenges.

Plug and Play SCADA

PNP SCADA should be your first choice for safe, secure and reliable Automatic Meter Reading services.

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Why become a WeBill Value Added Reseller:

1. Use our products for free for an agreed time period
2. Request new features
3. Strategic Partnership with WeBill

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