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Create sophisticated tariffs structures supporting global standard tariff designs, conduct custom tariff searches, comparisons and tariff simulations.

In addition, our customers will be able to crowdsource the sourcing, creation, upload and maintenance of tariffs, participate in revenue sharing for usage of crowd sourced tariffs, as well as compare various tariffs against simulated or real consumptions to optimise revenue billing and compliance.



A comprehensive graphical revenue management & analytics platform for utility providers and a real-time, interactive, transparent billing engine for consumers.

Generate hundreds of thousands of invoices in minutes or generate invoices when readings are recorded and dispatch invoices immediately to account holders.

Say goodbye to long queues to query your bills. Our users will be able to verify their utility bills for billing accuracy and correct consumption with instant bill verification.

Automated Meter Reading


Easy bi-directional communication with most industry standard water and electricity meters at scheduled intervals by means of a direct connection or API for a comprehensive IoT (Internet of Things) capability.

Fault Management

Fault Management

Our Fault Management system provides a consolidated view of all reported outages and faults. This dashboard makes it far simpler for utilities and body corporates to track and trace raised tickets, allows the user to assign a common ticket number to multiple reports related to the same issue, and easily manage the resolution of faults.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

The Portfolio Management module integrates directly into WeBill Field Manager and allows utilities, managing agents and more to easily set up and manage their asset structures and meter readings. Users are able to, for example, set up a hierarchy of properties with buildings, offices, shops, floors, common areas, and more. From there, simply link meters, consumers and all relevant accounts. Doing it this way allows our customers to report across various levels of the hierarchy.

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