Automated Meter Reading

Slide Easy bi-directional communication with most industry standard water and electricity meters at scheduled intervals by means of a direct connection or API for a comprehensive IoT (Internet of Things) capability.* *Coming soon The future of automated meter reading

Automated Meter Reading

WeBill’s advanced cloud-based functionality will allow for the seamless collection and upload of time of use (TOU)/interval data and other information from smart meters, giving your organisation more flexibility in the type and method of data you can collect, as well as assisting in the rollout and implementation of the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI). The WeBill platform can easily integrate into your current operations, and will evolve as you grow.
Bill Reduction
By being able to actively monitor consumption data and receive peak time-of-use period notifications, users can reduce billing inaccuracies and ultimately change their usage behaviour to save money and reduce their overall electricity bill.
Say goodbye to traditional STS tokens, the WeBill platform will make use of a wallet-based system to hold the customer’s available funds. Every meter account on our system will have a wallet. As long as the wallet has a credit balance, the consumer can use the available funds to purchase electricity directly from the app, without ever having to visit a point of sale.
Increased Visibility
The WeBIll AMR solution can easily be implemented to help increase efficiency, and assist in obtaining enhanced data. This includes:
• Leakage information
• Backflow volume
• Alarm logs
• Peak flows
• Regular interval collection (peak changes)
• Tamper detection
Utility Benefits
WeBill AMR provides utilities with the following key benefits:
• Improved data collection
• Access to richer data (ToU, backflow, etc.)
• Remotely manage the meters
• Reduce risks associated with difficult access sites
• Smoother billing process
• Improved cash flow
• Reduced back office administration

How It Works

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