WeBill Dev Deep Dive — Jedd Shneier


WeBill Dev Deep Dive — Jedd Shneier

Every week we will place one of our team members in the spotlight and get to know them a little better. This week we sat down with Jedd, WeBill employee no. 2 & DevOps Jiu-Jitsu Warrior!

Where were you born and where did you grow up?

I was born in Jo’burg, grew up in Jo’burg and I currently stay in Jo’burg.

What was the first job you can remember you ever wanted to do?

I am pretty sure I wanted to be an astronaut as cliche as that sounds.

When did you know for the first time, that you wanted to work in software development?

In grade 9 we had a free period and everyone was playing Counter Strike. I wasn’t in the mood for CS because I wasn’t good at it. I opened up Delphi on one of the computers and using a grade 10 handbook I build my first GUI and BAM, that was it.

What is your favourite Dev Tool?

I use Docker for everything, it changed my life.

What is your process when solving complicated DevOps problems?

Denial, anger, blame dad… lol… seriously now… I break it down to it’s individual components to see which is the most likely component to break. Then checking if the code breaks before of after the component. Then recursively work backwards. Basically a binary search, but mentally. Sometimes the best thing is to just switch it off and on again. That solves 90% of the problems.

If you ever wrote and directed a musical about WeBill, what would the style and feel be like? Which actor will play you?

Yes! Thank you! “WeBill!” would be a very poppy musical like Hairspray. The environment would be modern but the clothing and hairstyles would be from the 50s. Hugh Jackman would play me because he can sing.

Do you Game? What?

A little bit. Wouldn’t consider myself a gamer but after a hard day of work it is a good method to de-stress. After you have been on the computer at work all day you can go home and be on the computer some more… lol… I like Japanese Roll Playing Games, but my favourite would be the classic Jak and Daxtor from PS2. I also play board games and favourite there is Settlers of Catan. In the past I played Magic: The Gathering.

Do you play sports? What?

I do cross-fit and I rollerblade. Would love to get into badminton

Favourite app on your home screen?

Reddit, my favourite Reddit is Pro Revenge.

If you weren’t developing what would you be doing?

I would be a writer or into Labour Law. That has been a interest of mine the last couple of years.

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